Here’s how to check if your phone has been subscribed to “premium services”

If there was ever a world cup of euphemisms “premium mobile services” would be right up there in the semis. You know the kind of crap I mean – “your daily horoscope, only R5 per week”.

Our mobile networks claim that it’s hard to be subscribed to these services without realising it, but our intrepid business writer, Lisa Steyn, begs to differ. She’s found a way that anyone can tell, immediately, if they’re subscribed to anything dodgy. See below for details:

To block all existing content billing on:

Cell C – use the USSD string *133*1#

For Vodacom – sms “STOP ALL” to 30333 (note: if you receive a message saying it was unsuccessful it means you weren’t subscribed to anything)

On MTN you can dial *141*5# to manage subscriptions and individually select what you wish to unsubscribe from.

Telkom don’t allow these guys to use their network (yet).

If you find you you were subscribed without knowing it, please let us know in the comments or on Twitter. You might end up famous and in the paper and shit.

7 Responses to “Here’s how to check if your phone has been subscribed to “premium services”

  • >You might end up famous and in the paper and shit.

    I hope that wouldn’t be my first reaction to discovering I was famous and in the paper.

  • rosaline
    2 years ago

    Thank u very much for this info. I have lost a huge amount of airtime for the last month due to a subscription made to a shopping cart thing. Or at least that what I just found out. I cab remember receiving a text message about a shopping cart promo but I never subscribed to it because I read their terms and conditions and that stated that this subscription woukd cost R7 per day. I am actually very upset because I probably have already lost my airtime that is coming in on the 1st. Sh*t I hate these people doing this to us.

  • Tjaart
    1 year ago

    do you have the same for spam mail

  • Thank you so much for this info.

  • Shaun Davis
    1 year ago

    What a crock of Sh%t!! Phonemundo?? Never subscribed to anything but they take R7.00 a day.

  • Mariska
    1 year ago

    What the hell is Phonemundo? How can we stop these people from stealing our money.

  • My airtime is disappearing then I used cell c ussd to check if I was suscribed to anything. I discovered that my number has two subscriptions. I tried to block them by dialing *133*1# and I received a text saying that my number is blocked from receiving future subscriptions but the current subscriptions will remain active. What is that really

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