Depressing data: South Africa is still #9 on global murder tables (but it could be far worse)

I’m not normally a data hound (even though I love the discipline) but when I stumbled on this tweet:

…it made me wonder where the good old RSA ranked. Alas, the answer is not exactly encouraging:

South Africa remains firmly in the global top 10 for murder, alas.

What is encouraging, if you dig a little deeper, is how much better we’re doing than 14 years ago. Back in 2000 our murder rate was nearly 50 per 100,000 people. That placed us at #3 in the murder rates, behind Colombia and Honduras. And while our murder rate (along with Colombia’s) has gradually improved, Honduras’s has only gotten worse. So, we should be grateful for that blessing at the very least.

You can find the original data here

…and my working file here.