A fond farewell

I wrote my last column for News24 this week. After nearly two years of calling it my home I'm sad to be leaving. I've written around 70 columns in that time, which equates to around 35,000 words, or one (very discontinuous) novella on technology. It seems like an age ago that I took my first faltering steps as a columnist - writing as a "guest columnist" about Adobe AIR. I will always be grateful to Jannie and Cathryn who trusted me to speak sense to their 1 million readers.<p /> Have no fear though, faithful reader, I haven't stopped writing, I've merely moved venues. From this Wednesday onwards I will will be writing a weekly column for the Mail & Guardian Online. My first one, about Twitter's business model, is already live and kicking. I'm also going to be writing for memeburn when I have the time and the insight. My first article there was an unexpected success, and I'm busy cooking up a few more.

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