Why I’m doing the Sleek Geek Challenge

For the first thirty years of my life I never struggled with weight. I ate what I wanted, exercised a fair amount and everything ticked along merrily. Eventually, though, the creeping neglect got me. Over the last three or four years I’ve steadily put on weight, and now I’m at nearly 90KG – a good 10KG more than I should probably weigh.


5 Responses to “Why I’m doing the Sleek Geek Challenge

  • You go Ali, I’m dead impressed with your bravery. No bloody way am I EVER posting before/after pix of myself online!

  • Brett Haggard
    2020 years ago

    Big respect, dude…I did my pics for Sleek Geek last night too, but there’s no way I’d post them on-line. Your embarrassment is mild compared to what I felt when I saw my ‘befores’ last night…Hopefully, we’re both a little bit less embarrassed in 3 months’ time…

  • Respect for posting your before pics!

  • Iwan Pienaar
    2020 years ago

    To echo wat Brett said…helluva lot of respect. I can barely look at my before pics, never mind posting them for the world to see…but we’re in this together. Sleek Geeks of the world unit 🙂

  • Sam Beckbessinger
    2020 years ago

    Big respect, Al. You’re going to be irresistibly delicious in three month’s time (even more than you are already), and it will all be worth it. We’re rooting for you!

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