On the catwalk

A few weeks ago the marvellous Marianna Boguslavsky of Breadline Africa asked me to be part of a "geek fashion show". After some hesitation around the spectre of me on a catwalk in a swimsuit, I agreed. It's quite flattering to be included amongst a parade of such rakish lads and lovely ladies – oh, and, Matt Buckland.

If you'd like to watch me and, more saliently, bone fide hotties like Rob Gilmour and Alex van Tonder strut our Billabong and Puma clad stuff then make your way to the Daylight Studio on Bree Street on the 26th of April.

The event starts at 7pm. There are ONLY 130 tickets up for grabs @ R170 each and tickets can be bought through Breadline Africa in 2 ways.

1) You can make an EFT deposit directly into their bank account with the ref being Fashion. This will immediately place you on our exclusive guest list. Call Debbie on 021 418 0322 to find out their bank account details.

2) You can pop by their offices in Green Point and pay in cash or by credit card (just ask for Debbie and she will process your payment). Our address is: No 2 Somerset Road Cape Town South Africa 8001