Here’s how to check if your phone has been subscribed to “premium services”

If there was ever a world cup of euphemisms “premium mobile services” would be right up there in the semis. You know the kind of crap I mean – “your daily horoscope, only R5 per week”.

Our mobile networks claim that it’s hard to be subscribed to these services without realising it, but our intrepid business writer, Lisa Steyn, begs to differ. She’s found a way that anyone can tell, immediately, if they’re subscribed to anything dodgy. See below for details:

To block all existing content billing on:

Cell C – use the USSD string *133*1#

For Vodacom – sms “STOP ALL” to 30333 (note: if you receive a message saying it was unsuccessful it means you weren’t subscribed to anything)

On MTN you can dial *141*5# to manage subscriptions and individually select what you wish to unsubscribe from.

Telkom don’t allow these guys to use their network (yet).

If you find you you were subscribed without knowing it, please let us know in the comments or on Twitter. You might end up famous and in the paper and shit.

19 Responses to “Here’s how to check if your phone has been subscribed to “premium services”

  • >You might end up famous and in the paper and shit.

    I hope that wouldn’t be my first reaction to discovering I was famous and in the paper.

  • rosaline
    4 years ago

    Thank u very much for this info. I have lost a huge amount of airtime for the last month due to a subscription made to a shopping cart thing. Or at least that what I just found out. I cab remember receiving a text message about a shopping cart promo but I never subscribed to it because I read their terms and conditions and that stated that this subscription woukd cost R7 per day. I am actually very upset because I probably have already lost my airtime that is coming in on the 1st. Sh*t I hate these people doing this to us.

  • do you have the same for spam mail

  • Thank you so much for this info.

  • Shaun Davis
    3 years ago

    What a crock of Sh%t!! Phonemundo?? Never subscribed to anything but they take R7.00 a day.

  • Mariska
    3 years ago

    What the hell is Phonemundo? How can we stop these people from stealing our money.

  • My airtime is disappearing then I used cell c ussd to check if I was suscribed to anything. I discovered that my number has two subscriptions. I tried to block them by dialing *133*1# and I received a text saying that my number is blocked from receiving future subscriptions but the current subscriptions will remain active. What is that really

  • The vodacom number is now 31050.

  • Ngaka Daniel Nhlapo
    2 years ago

    I didnt know of any subscription to Ultrajoy services and Cozymobi services and i sent “stop all” to Vodacom 31050 and was surprised when i got the feedback.

  • Mxolisi
    2 years ago

    I was subscribed without knowing ad this month i will pay R302.00 extra on my contract next month might be R250.00 help me sue these thief’s!

  • Mladen Alfeldi
    2 years ago

    I just managed to subscribe myself to something I thought was a joke about Government pensions on Facebook. Make sure you are opening things you know for sure.
    Thanks for the codes guys, managed to kill it.

  • Jorinda
    2 years ago

    I didnt subscribe to anything and checked with cell c ussd and wow 9 subscriptions activated in one month!!! One of them R50 per week. I deactivated my subscriptions and blocked my number. This crap is not legal how do they get away with it?

  • I went to my cellphone provider and a got a new upgrade and from that day till now I couldn’t understand how my airtime was just gone all the time well at R23 a day i was being robbed and i never once received a sms to opt out or anything and only after i went to get my new upgrade did this start happening, very disgusted it might sound like a small amount but 23×30 is 690×12 is 8280 a year and multiply that with a few thousand people it becomes millions stollen and nothing “can” be done about it according to the providers it can just be stopped, but what about my money i lost???

  • Yep – was away and have never subscribed to any, and voila when i got back yesterday R 500 of airtime gone….how the hell does the cell c network allow this.

  • Mrs JW Joseph
    2 years ago

    29 cents is being deducted from my airtime every hour of every day since1 February 2017 from 27122. TrueCaller can’t block it either. Telkom says that there’s nothing they can do. I’ve got to change my number

  • My airtime was disappearing and evidently I was subscribed to some service I hadn’t even heard of! Thank u!!

  • nqwenelwa
    2 years ago

    This is really frustrating
    I called mtn several times to cancel these subscriptions. I even use that *141*5#
    I cancel all it didn’t work for me cause they come again even more. Every single day I cancel in my phone. I no longer buying airtym that can stay in my phone. I buy bundles.
    I hate these people

  • Eloise Petzer
    2 years ago

    I have a cellphone since 2002, and have always been careful not to subscribe to anything without knowing what I’m signing up for.

    I’ve had some arguements with my husband and eldest son for falling into these traps, and was not impressed by their answers that they did not knowingly subscribe to something.

    Alas, my airtime started disappearing this month. First I thought I’ve done something. But with the second time having to top up, having spend thrice the amount I usually use in a month, I realised something stinks.

    Thank you for the info, this is the responses I got. I don’t know what APPSUP is.

    This 30333 service is no longer available. Please SMS ‘Stop all’ to 31050

    You have been unsubscribed from APPSUP service with effect from 2017-05-31.

  • R110 used to last me for ages, then ask of a sudden it was getting eaten up….. Then thank goodness for this very helpful site. Unfortunately I have lost do much dam airtime already though.

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