Kak haircuts make me happy

Most of my pension money is managed by Allan Gray. That’s a conscious choice, not something I inherited from a particular employer. And when I get one one of the quarterly email newsletters from the folks at Allan Gray even if I only glance at it, I feel comforted. Why? Have a look at the […]

R999 smartphones are here (with data included), but hyperbole is strictly optional

Like almost every tech writer on the planet, I’ve been predicting that smartphones will fall in price dramatically over the next few years. Here’s a good example of that in action. Kalahari.com are offering the cheapest model of their new Gobii smartphone for less than R1000 and throwing in 200MB per month in data for […]

Depressing data: South Africa is still #9 on global murder tables (but it could be far worse)

I’m not normally a data hound (even though I love the discipline) but when I stumbled on this tweet: Murder rate rank 2012 1 Honduras 2 Venezuela 16 Brazil 20 Mexico 55 Russia 89 #US 102 India 126 Canada 155 Singapore pic.twitter.com/cSDQcakVCr — Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett) April 15, 2014 …it made me wonder where the […]