Depressing data: South Africa is still #9 on global murder tables (but it could be far worse)

I’m not normally a data hound (even though I love the discipline) but when I stumbled on this tweet: Murder rate rank 2012 1 Honduras 2 Venezuela 16 Brazil 20 Mexico 55 Russia 89 #US 102 India 126 Canada 155 Singapore — Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett) April 15, 2014 …it made me wonder where the […]

The DMMA transforms into IAB South Africa (Autobots assemble!)

I don’t usually publish press releases but this isn’t available anywhere yet, and I think it’s topical: The DMMA joins global digital body and rebrands as IAB South Africa. __________________________________________________________________________________ February 3, 2014. The DMMA (Digital Media & Marketing Association) joins the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which is dedicated to growing the global digital industry. […]

Someone on the internet is wrong! And it is me!

This was submitted to Thought Leader by someone calling themselves “MC Stand”. I thought it was just too wonderful not to publish. Who needs rational debate when you can resort to a good-old-fasioned vicious ad hominem? And such passion! Why Alistair Fairweather is so very, very cross We’re all so stupid, that’s the problem. If […]

My complaint to the ASA against a misleading e-tolling advert (open letter)

TO: [email protected] SUBJECT: SANRAL ETC / E-tolling campaign (radio) Dear sirs / madams, My name is Alistair Fairweather. I am a private citizen with no connection to South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL), Electronic Toll Collections (ETC) or their competitors. My ID number is xxxxxxxxxx. My email address is xxxxxxxxx and my phone number is […]

Native Advertising is the future

As buzz words go, “native advertising” is particularly confusing. Many people believe it’s simply a new name for advertorial. But understanding the differences between these formats is vital to getting the most out of this exciting new model for reaching potential customers. In this case “native” means that the advertising is tightly integrated into the […]